Always try to get the money you need doing what you really love

When you have the ability to satisfy all your financial needs, without relying on anyone nor doing something that you do not like, you may say that you enjoy an economic wellbeing and that you have financial freedom.

The opposite of financial freedom is the financial dependence, this is when people are dependent on others to provide them the money they need to cover the expenses for their needs and support their lives.

Obviously we all want this financial freedom (or independence), because that concept is closely linked to our own economic well being and quality of life. Financial freedom means much more than just having the money to pay our expenses. For example, you may have a good salary that allows you to live comfortably, but if you do not enjoy what you do, or if sometimes you are forced to contradict your personal values, then that feeling of freedom vanishes; In other words, your are not finacially independent, because you rely on others.

In general terms, the concept of financial freedom is linked to aspects such:

    – Getting money doing what you really like and excites you.

   – Feeling good and with high selfesteem, without relying on other people, objects or social status symbols.

   – Having emotional strength to not be tempted to buy what you do not need, even though you are manipulated or incited to do it.

     – Concentrating on what you have and you can enjoy and forgetting of things that you don’t really need (many people suffer for what they do not have and lose the ability to enjoy what they have)

     – Maintain the authenticity and consistency between what you think and what you do. You must be consistent with yourself rather than with others.

Although it does not seem easy, achieving financial freedom is much more possible than you think; It is not that difficult and it’s only up to you.

Think about what is “tying you” to what you don’t want; overcome your fears and start to design your roadmap to find the freedom and the welfare state that you wish and deserve.

For the new Money Race game, we wanted to keep all this into consideration and build a game that will allow all players to reach the desired financial freedom through different game levels, making sure you not only have financial freedom on the game, but you also will know what it takes to do it in real life.

The game is finally almost completed, and you can register your email on the home page and we’ll get back to you as soon as the game is released.