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Help us build Money Race 2

We want to hear from you and know what do you have to say to improve Money Race.

Just answer a few quick questions on this survey so we can know exactly what all the players want for Money Race 2.

Money Race 2 is going to be a huge improvement. We are building it for Android, iOS and iPad. And it’s going to have some amazing new game modes like online multiplayer with social features, new maket system for assets like real estate or stocks, beautiful brand new interface, and a lot more we are keeping secret for now.

We have plans to release this new version for the last quarter of 2014.

Give us your feedback and let’s build a great game: Money Race 2 Survey.

Note after releasing Money Race 2: This survey is no longer available.

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We would love to have our users satying up to date with the latest news about Money Race 2 so we can receive as much feedback as possible and always know how you react to the new features that will be announced soon.

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New website

Money Race 2 is going to be launched in a few months and we wanted to have ready a brand new website that will incorporate some of the new features of Money Race 2 and will be used to keep every user up to the date regarding the latest news and features of the new upcoming version.