Convert savings into a habit is useful, easy and fun

It is likely that throughout our lives we go through periods of major economic problems. Growing debts and unpaid bills that accumulate are the first signs that announce that we are on the threshold of a financial problem.

With the emergence of these problems many people try to find the possible culprits of their bad situation; but all they do is lose energy and time while weaken personal relationships including family.

Faced with a poor economic situation, first thing to do is prove enough emotional strength to stay calm and look optimistically for the future. Think that what we are talking about is just problems associated with money, and money problems can be solved.

Look at your bad situation as an opportunity to tidy up your personal and family finances, and that will be possible when you begin to change your habits.

An easy way to start is by saving the change coins you receive during the day; When you are back home, put them in a large container and enjoy how they accumulate in this magic box. Imagine this is your great hobby and all you want is to fill this container faster and faster. That desire will provide you the habit to reduce the consumption of coffee, soda, candies or the bottled water you buy on the street; maybe you stop buying the morning paper or you prefer to decrease the frequency with which you meet at the bar with friends. You may also feel the urge to reduce your vehicle expenses and you will begin to use public transport; possibly you decide to walk to work only for the satisfaction of throwing those coins in your magic box instead of putting them in the driver’s hand.

In addition, this magic box will help you avoid impulse shopping and rationalize groceries purchases, but above all it is the perfect excuse  to save a percentage of your monthly income. Do not wait to have money left to throw it into the box; do it when you’re just receiving your income. You decide what salary you are paying to yourself.

Do not pretend that the magic box will solve all your financial problems, but it is a very good way to encourage the habit of saving and start cleaning up your finances. Make a good family budget, reduce the most relevant debts, and finding sources of passive income are other actions you can implement.

From today your goal is to make the box grow everyday. Saving the coins you get back will always be in your hands.