The lack of financial literacy is one of the major factors that trigger anxiety and anguish in the contemporary world.

One of the main triggers of anxiety and distress, is derived from the almost total absence of financial literacy, resulting in profound and costly mistakes regarding the generation and management of money.

Financial issues go far beyond money management; that would be equivalent to going on a holiday and taking the first plane you find without knowing where it is going. In the same way as you plan your vacation dates, destinations, accommodation, attractions you will visit, appropriate clothing depending on the destination and time of year, your budget, visas, travel insurance, etc., you should also plan your financial life.

If you think I am exaggerating, ask yourself why in the United States (for instance) half of all marriages end in divorce, and why financial issues stand out as one of its main causes; and even if they end in divorce, most (if not all) acknowledge having starred in serious discussions on issues associated with money. Ask yourself also why almost 25% of people between ages 35 and 54 have not started planning their retirement, and imagine the little economic tranquility of these people when they stop receiving their monthly salaries.

Another fact that calls us to reflection has to do with the fact that 90% of the world population (employees and self-employed) only owns 10% of the money available in the world; while the remaining 10% (business owners and investors) handles the other 90% of the global wealth. This has nothing to do with gender, race, nationality or academic preparation; It has to do with our attitude towards money and finances. The truth is there can’t be productivity and happiness, as long as money remains the main cause of strain and stress. Remember that if you are not capable of controlling money, money will control you.

Assume that money is a serious matter that involves accepting responsibility and assume the consequences of how you handle it. You don’t need to be an expert in finance to manage money in a responsible way, but always keep in mind that everything depends on you (and not your circumstances). As long as you don’t know the basic financial principles you will be prone to spending much more than you need, to indebt yourself,  you won’t be able to pay monthly bills, you won’t provide happiness to your marriage,  you also won’t have how to cope with unanticipated expenses (diseases, occasional housing expenses, investment opportunities, or even a new child), live constantly concerned about the lack of money and you’ll have to take drastic measures that can affect your health and that of your loved ones.